About us

You can call me a Maker, a DIYer, a Woodworker or Metalworker. But regardless of the label, I make stuff that I want/need instead of buying it or hiring it out. It’s my goal to be able to look around my home and have a hard time finding something I didn’t make with my own two hands. Of course, I still have a ways to go.

I didn’t grow up working on things nor did I take a shop class in school. But when I couldn’t afford to buy the things I wanted for around the house, I decided to try my hand at making them and dove head first into building. Now years later, I still much prefer to build the things I want and need.

Shortly after I started making things, I started putting together written tutorials on my website so that I could pass along information to anybody else that was interested. One thing led to another and a year later I started making video tutorials as well! I put together free tutorials on anything and everything I do. I stick to building the things I want or need in my life but I bring a camera along because sharing the information on how I completed a project has become just as big of an obsession as doing the actual projects.