get polyurethane off hands

How To Remove Polyurethane From Skin

Polyurethane varnish used in the cleanup process. But it has its own drawbacks. Use of polyurethane varnish is that not all varieties clean up with soap and water. This will definitely make the cleanup process messy. To make up right, you have to do some preparations in advance. Before knowing the steps, let us know the harmful effects of polyurethane.

Polyurethane is called as a respiratory toxin. It is very important to get polyurethane off hands if exposed.  When left untreated it can cause breathing problems such as asthma. People who live in rooms that have untreated polyurethane floors can also experience health troubles throat infection, eye infection, headaches, vomiting and coughing.  children and people with respiratory diseases are highly sensitive to this toxic chemical.

Read the can and be informed

The back side of the polyurethane can you have information about exactly to use for the cleanup.  Most of the time you can see mineral spirit or a paint thinner. Arrange for any of those two

remove polyurethane from skin

Preparation process

Before the actual clean up you will need a solvent, rags, hot water, soap and hand lotion. Please ensure that you have protection for any kind of painted or varnished surfaces in which the solvent will have contact with.

Application of the solvent

To get polyurethane off hands take a good amount of solvent and apply it on the exact path. After proper application takes the rags or paper towel two wipe it off completely.

Removal of solvent

The last and important step to remove polyurethane from the skin is to soap your hands, lather well with the help of hot water and rinse it. Sometimes you can find certain spots on your hands. So to remove polyurethane from skin completely, dry your hands and repeat the previous steps. As solvents can make your skin very dry, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer.

If at all your skin was exposed into contact of solvents, make sure to follow all the above process how to remove polyurethane from skin.

Exposure of skin to solvents is one of the most common chemical health risks. Almost all the solvents are combustible and extremely flammable. And so they have to be handled with care. Some of the solvents will produce vapor that is heavier than air. The vapors produced may also explode because of smoking.  The vapors accumulated in a place can cause risk for health and property.