How To Repair Bowed Basement Walls

Everybody knows that the basement walls support the entire house and it is very essential to maintain it in good condition. It is very important to know whether the basement wall is cracked or bowed and take steps to recover them as soon as possible.

There is a perception that it requires professional help to deal with the basement wall straightening. The interesting fact is that you can repair the basement wall by yourself. By fixing bowed basement walls you can save a lot of costs. There are certain steps to be followed to straighten basement walls by yourself.

Inspection of the wall

The first step is to check the basement wall for which you have to remove the coverings. This will allow you to better examine the basement wall. If at all you notice any cracks, then it is obvious that they need the first attention. You must figure out all possible falls on the wall so that you can find the best way to repair bowed basement walls.

repair bowed basement walls

Choice of repair methods

It depends on the type of damage and the material used for building the wall. If there is an inward crack, it will need the use of hydraulic cement to fill it. Hydraulic cement is widely available in any hardware stores.

Drainage check is a compulsion

The major cause for cracks in the world is the poor water drainage. It will appear as zigzag patterns on the wall. Sometimes you can find vertical cracks which are the result of a house settling. You have to also check the gutters and downpipes and ensure that they are free from any blockages or obstructions as this can be the potential cause of cracks.

repair methods

Steel beams can help

To repair bowed basement walls, especially horizontal cracks steel beams can be used. The most important factor is the correct size. You have to position the Steel beam will to get rid of cracked walls. Wall anchors are of great use if it is a concrete wall. Basement wall straightening can be done very easily by yourself positioning steel beam with the correct size.

Rebuild the wall

For fixing the bowed basement walls, the last option is to rebuild the entire wall. As this is not cost-effective you can try out the other options, before trying the latter.

The best decision can be taken if all the steps followed carefully. More importance should be given to the first step, an inspection of the valves clarity from it will allow us to choose the best option to straighten the basement walls by yourself.