Tube headphone amp

Tube headphone amp for home use

Any creation of a space for listening to music begins with the installation of equipment. And conditionally configurations can be divided into three types:

  • Active acoustics
  • Passive speakers and receiver
  • Headphones & Amplifier

If the first two options have some common criteria for installation, then only headphones are suitable for listening to your favorite songs in small rooms or in the case when it is not possible to use full-fledged audio systems due to the high noise level.

However, such a way of enjoying music is not possible without an amplifier. And there are many models so that everyone can find the best tube headphone amp.

And why use a headphone amplifier

The headphone amplifier performs two tasks: it provides the necessary volume and quality. When using the built-in amplification in ordinary household appliances, the volume and quality may be lacking. At the same time, not all amplifiers that cope with volume are capable of delivering music with the appropriate quality or in its original form.

Tube amplifiers

Tube headphone amp
Tube amplifiers in most cases have a warm and comfortable sound. Lamps glowing in the dark give a special charm to these amplifiers. When choosing a tube amplifier, pay attention to the following moment, if the lamps are used outside the case and are not covered by anything, then the amplifier should not be located in places where children or pets can reach it. The lamps on these amplifiers are hot and the amplifier itself should be in a well-ventilated place. Amplifiers whose lamps are inside the case do not look so impressive, but they can be used everywhere.

Types of tube amplifiers

As a rule, all devices of this category are divided into two large groups: single-cycle and push-pull.

Single-cycle tube amplifiers use only one gain channel in operation. The design scheme of such amplifiers is the simplest since only 2 amplifying components are involved in them. Single-cycle tube amplifiers feature the clearest and most transparent sound.

The push-pull tube amplifier is structurally significantly more complex and functions a little differently. In such devices, each subsequent cascade increases only one half-wave – either negative or positive.

The sound produced by these devices is also divided into 3 types:

  • Clean. “Warm” sound, in which the overload is not distinguishable in principle, but at the same time a certain degree of compression (sustain) is still present;
  • Braun (Thick). Sound effect, in which at the beginning of the sounding of a note or chord, the amplifier is brought to a slight overload, and at the end goes into a clear sound.
  • Overdrive. The sound device with soft overload and long sustain.