sharpen a paper cutter

How To Sharpen A Paper Cutter

Is this an outdated topic not? Not at all. There are still individuals and businesses that use paper for record keeping and many other works. Paper handling is in need of many types of equipment. One such equipment is the paper cutter which is used to cut through a thick bunch of paper.

A blunt paper cutter can be disastrous. It will slow down the work and sometimes it can even spoil the work. So, maintaining the sharpness of the paper cutter should be an occasional routine. There are different methods to sharpen a paper cutter.

Things to know before sharpening paper cutters

The blade of the cutter is sharp and thin. But as days go, it will bend and this is the indication of a blunt blade. The only requirement for this is to correct the bend by whisking the blade against the sharp steel or cutting the aluminium blade several times. And this process is called as honing. But when you recognise The Blade to be Blunt then you can go forward to sharpen it.

paper cutter blade

Different methods for sharpening paper cutters

Removal of the blade

You can find the blade to be fixed with little bolts with the help of a wrench. It is easier if bolts are removed from the corners and then the center ones. Removal of blades by this way will not hurt your hands as it is held by the center ones till the total removal.

Sharpen a paper cutter blade a bench grinder

A bench grinder is awesomely helpful when you are in a  hurry and you want to complete the task quickly. Grinding wheel of the bench grinder works at a high speed and so it removes a high amount of Steel at a faster rate. However, this can affect another way around by weakening the blade.You have to keep in check on the grid size and the angle so that you will get an even blade. To maintain accurate evenness go for a sharpening attachment that is available in the hardware supplies shop or online store. It is very important to watch out for the sparks that get released during sharpening the tool on the bench grinder. This makes protection for the eyes necessary.

Sharpening paper cutters with a stone

Grindstone is used to sharpen a paper cutter blade. Generally, knives are sharpened using the grindstone but there is no harm in sharpening paper cutter as well.  The only thing to be watchful for is the cutter blades will have a flat side and an oblique side. We have to sharpen the oblique side.
It is better if you find a larger grindstone as paper cutters will have a long blade when compared to a knife.  Keeping the blade at the correct angle that should be around 20 degrees will help in achieving uniformity. After several strokes, it is better to cross check by cutting an object to see the level of its sharpness and hone it finally
If you are new to this it is better to hire professional services. Depending upon the need you can also have a spare to maintain the efficiency of your work.

Tips to sharpen paper cutter at home

You can use any of the above-given methods but if you are new you can always rely on these tips.

It is important to read the manual to know about how to disassemble the cutter and remove the blade.  It help you to finish the work without a struggle.

Following the recommended angle which is 20 degrees can sharpen the paper cutter with ease.

Lubricate the sharpening stone this will prevent the collection of metal fillings in the pores of the stone.

Applying uniform pressure opening the blade Reliance share evenness

Honing the blade then and there will help largely to cope with your work and avoid the need to sharpen a paper cutter most often.